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Samuel Larcher

UX / UI Designer - Product Designer

I am currently working in a hybrid role as a Web / Digital Designer and Front-End-Developer for Juuce Interactive but in spring 2021 I decided to expand my skillset by taking a UX / UI course with Academy Xi.

During the course I discovered my passion for strategic design and how valuable it is to understand the users needs, thoughts as well as pain points by applying the UX – 4D process through countless iterations to be able to deliver a solution which truly has the potential to succeed in a competitive market.

I find the Discover Phase of a UX project to be as exciting as working on a Hi-Fi Prototype. I really enjoy one-on-one interviews and being able to meet clients and get an understanding of their thoughts processes and rationals of their actions. At the other hand, I also enjoy setting up and expanding design systems and to work on memorable, pixel-perfect Hi-Fi design solutions to be presented to stakeholders.

I am a team player and a strong believer in team power. Activities such as card sorting or crazy 8’s lead usually to powerful results and can be so much fun and team binding as well.

In my spare time I enjoy cycling with friends and swimming at nearby beaches.


In Dec. 2021 whilst working for Juuce Interactive the opportunity arose to pitch for a iOS / Android App – UX / UI project for a startup business based in Switzerland. The pitch presentation and design challenge I delivered and presented to stakeholders won over other 3 competing parties.

Wanting to discover more about user centric and strategic design I embarked into a 6 month course with Academy Xi  in 2021 to transition to become a UX / UI Designer

In 2007 I moved to Sydney where I joined Juuce Interactive. With the fall of Adobe Flash and the rise of the iPhone I changed my skill set to embrace front-end-development including HTML/CSS/JS. 

Joining studio Einvoll and Michael Holzer my focus shifted more towards digital solutions. I came in contact with Adobe Flash and adopted web animation skills. 

I moved to Vienna where, after a failed attempt to enter the prestigious Luerzer Master Class, I started to work as Graphic Designer for several studios. I was lucky enough to work under Herbert Ellinger for several years and to learn all aspects of the print design craft

I started my career in 2000 after receiving both, HSC and a certificate as Graphic Designer, back in Italy.

Top Skills

UX / UI / Design

User Interface Design
User Research & Strategy
Figma / Miro / Sketch
Photoshop / Illustrator
Wireframing & Prototyping
3D / Animation / AE


JS (jQuery)


Team Player
Project Management
Copy Writing